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Luxury Hand-held Bidet

For a gentle, sanitary rinse, the CleanSpa Luxury is hard to beat. Simply mount this stainless steel sprayer on your wall or toilet, so a hygienic, eco-friendly alternative to toilet paper is always in reach.



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Let’s get a handle on toilet paper waste.

The production of toilet paper wipes out thousands of trees a day. The CleanSpa Luxury Hand-held Bidet cleans gently and effectively, so you can wipe less—and waste less—with every flush. This stainless steel bidet sprayer (diaper sprayer/shattaf) is easy to install and includes everything you need to connect and mount to your toilet. Plus, since it’s powered by water alone, you won’t need electricity or batteries. With its easy-squeeze trigger and flexible metal hose, the CleanSpa Luxury provides a hygienic wash where you need it most, which is good for your health (and the planet’s).

  • durable, stainless steel design

  • spring-loaded trigger for responsive water pressure control

  • easy-access holster mounts to wall or toilet

  • simple, DIY installation

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Full Features

The right wash for every body
  • spring-loaded trigger for easy water pressure control
  • flexible spiral-metal hose with patented inner woven core
  • delivers refreshing, ambient temperature wash
Features you’ll love
  • sturdy stainless steel sprayer
  • easy-access holster mounts to wall or toilet
  • brass core 7/8” T-valve with water shutoff
Simple, DIY installation
  • works with most toilet fixtures
  • comes with all accessories for standard installation
Sustainability in your bathroom
  • a sustainable alternative to toilet paper and flushable wipes
  • powered by water pressure alone, no batteries or electricity required
  • switching to a bidet saves trees, water, and energy

Clean and luxurious.

The CleanSpa Luxury Hand-held Bidet delivers a better clean. Elegant and ergonomic, the stainless steel sprayer head is more durable than plastic sprayers, simple to use, and offers several mounting options.

Experience a better clean.

Brondell designs bidet attachments, bidet sprayers, shattafs, diaper sprayers, travel bidets, and electronic bidet toilet seats using the highest-quality materials available. We offer a wide variety of features for every body, designing innovative products that deliver better hygiene and welcome peace of mind.

High-quality components.

Thoughtfully designed with the highest-quality parts for long-lasting performance. The CleanSpa Essential Hand-held Bidet is made from stainless steel for ultimate durability. The spiral-metal hose with patented inner-woven core and all-metal T-Valve work together to extend the life of your handheld bidet sprayer.

Patented inner-woven core.

With the CleanSpa bidet sprayer’s extra-long, 47” spiral–metal bidet hose, Brondell delivers elegance and function without compromising flexibility or durability.

Simple, DIY installation.

Especially helpful for users with mobility issues or those looking for ultimate sustainability, the 4-level warm air dryer helps to completely eliminate the need for toilet paper.

Designed to exceed your hygiene needs.

The CleanSpa Luxury Hand-held Bidet Sprayer toilet attachment installs quickly and easily at your toilet’s fill valve. The bidet sprayer holster mounts conveniently to your toilet tank or nearby wall, meaning cleanliness is always within reach.

Installs in minutes.

  • turn off water supply
  • connect components
  • mount bidet sprayer

Designed to exceed your hygiene needs.

The CleanSpa provides a refreshing and cleansing bidet / shattaf wash or convenient cloth diaper spray. The elegant and ergonomic hand sprayer is simple to use and offers several mounting options for easy installation in any bathroom. The solid metal T-Valve with brass core offers full pressure and spray type adjustability, and a complete water shutoff for safety. The extra-long spiral-metal hose includes a patented inner-woven core, making CleanSpa one of the most reliable bidet sprayers on the market. The CleanSpa Hand-held bidet sprayer (diaper sprayer / shattaf) delivers a new clean for the entire family.

Comfort meets cleanliness.

  • ergonomic handheld bidet sprayer with chrome finish
  • ergonomic stainless steel hand sprayer
  • all-metal, brass-core T-Valve with water pressure control and safety shutoff
  • elegant spiral-metal bidet hose with patented inner-woven core
  • sprayer holster mounts to wall or toilet
  • powered by water pressure—no need for batteries or electricity
  • easy installation on any toilet
  • includes all accessories for standard installation
  • one-year limited warranty

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Sprayer: 2.8”(W) x 5.2”(L) x .95”(D)
Sprayer hose length: 47.2”
1.5 lbs
1-year limited warranty provided by US-based customer service team
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