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Healthy home guide for students and renters.

Posted by Brian Inami on Aug 11th 2023

Whether you’re a student in a dorm or a young professional renting a new apartment, there’s nothing like the feeling of having your own home space—and if it’s neat and tidy, that’s even better.

But have you considered the cleanliness of the air and water in your space? Microscopic particulates and contaminants are important factors that can affect your health and wellness at home.

Thankfully, clean air and water doesn’t require a full HVAC or plumbing overhaul. You can make your cozy space a healthy one with a few easy upgrades. Here are some affordable essentials to consider.

Improve bathroom hygiene with a bidet attachment.

If you need a hassle-free way to provide better bathroom hygiene, you’re going to love bidets. These easy-to-install devices wash you with water after you go—and they do such a good job that you won't need as much toilet paper. This saves the trees, water, and energy used in toilet paper production, which is great for the environment.

If you need an option that’s affordable and a breeze to install, consider getting a bidet attachment . They connect easily under your existing toilet seat and run solely on the water from your toilet’s supply line, so you can skip the questions from your landlord.

Best bidet attachments for students and renters:

SimpleSpa Thinline Essential Bidet Attachment:

A complete bidet experience in a simple and minimal design.

Need something simpler? Meet the travel bidet.

For dorms or living situations that simply don’t allow any bathroom modification, travel bidets are a great option. They're portable and give you a fresh, clean wash—anytime, anywhere. They have many uses beyond the dorm room too—take them outdoors, while on vacation, or as a great postpartum care for those who need it.

Best travel bidets for students and renters:

GoSpa Essential Travel Bidet : a simple and cost effective travel bidet that has everything you need.

GoSpa Advanced Travel Bidet: Sleekly designed with a retractable nozzle and a discreet carry pouch.

GoSpa Collapsible Travel Bidet: Designed for easy packing with a collapsible design and retractable nozzle.

Upgrade to a better showerhead.

A good shower instantly freshens you up at any point in the day. If you want to elevate your experience even further, a showerhead upgrade is an easy way to do it. Most models feature different spray modes, handheld functionality, and even water filtration—all adding up to a more luxurious, relaxing experience.

The best part? Installation is typically a breeze, simply requiring you to unscrew your standard showerhead and to screw in the new one.

Best showerheads for students and renters:

Nebia Corre Four-Function Showerhead :

Enjoy 4 luxurious spray modes and save up to 50% of water compared to standard 2.5 gpm showerheads.

Nebia VivaSpring Filtered Showerhead:

Shower with filtered water and reduce contaminants like free chlorine, lead, and mercury.

Improve indoor air quality with an air purifier.

Have you ever stopped to consider your air? The dust that naturally accumulates can add a lot of unwanted contaminants to the air you breathe, which can be particularly troublesome in smaller spaces like apartments or dorms.

This is where a good air purification system comes in. Powerful and portable, our air purifiers feature multi-layer systems that reduce airborne allergens, dust, pet dander, odors, pollen, smoke, mold spores, and more.

Best air purifier for students and renters:

Horizon HEPA-Type Air Purifier: Powerful yet budget-friendly, this air purifier packs 4-stages of air filtration into a sleek, portable design.

Get a water filtration system.

Cleaner drinking water is as important as cleaner air. Even the clearest tap water will most likely contain chemical disinfectants like chloramines or other contaminants.

A water filtration system is your best bet for cleaner water, and there are plenty of countertop systems that simply attach to your sink—perfect for students and renters looking for an easy solution.

Best countertop water filtration systems for students and renters:

Cypress Three-Stage Countertop Water Filtration System : Right at home next to any kitchen sink, this countertop water filtration system features our advanced, 3-stage filtration in a compact design.

Final touches: stylish, sustainable bathroom decor.

Finish off arranging your healthy space with thoughtful and eco-friendly home accessories.

Take textile products like towels and mats for example—did you know that cotton production demands an extremely high water consumption ? Instead of choosing items made of materials with high carbon footprints, consider items made of alternative materials like upcycled textiles or recyclable metals. You'll be happy to have a space that leaves a lower carbon footprint—and greater peace of mind.

Best eco-friendly bathroom accessories for students and renters:

Nebia Shelf: Made from highly recyclable aluminum, this sleek shelf adds functional storage to your bathroom space—or anywhere you need it.

Nebia Multi-Purpose Hook Set: Made from rust-resistant welded aluminum, these versatile hooks add extra storage space for the bathroom and beyond—and install without drilling.

Nebia Self-Care Kit : Elevate your exfoliation routine with this full set of essentials, made with sustainably sourced materials like cotton and bamboo.

Nebia Bath Towel : Buttery soft and made of sustainable, upcycled cotton and reclaimed fibers.

Healthy homes for all.

With the right upgrades, dorms and small apartments can easily be turned into clean and healthy havens. There are plenty of plug-and-play solutions to try, and they can make all the difference in turning your space from “just a place to crash” into the healthy home you deserve.