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On-the-go clean: Introducing the travel bidet.

Posted by Brian Inami on Aug 31st 2023

Let’s start with the obvious: we’re big bidet fans here at Brondell. They’re way cleaner than the alternative (looking at you, toilet paper)—and because they can help reduce TP use, they’re great for the environment too.

But as beneficial as bidet washing is, there’s just one issue—you can’t take a bidet with you, right?

Actually, you can—allow us to introduce you to the travel bidet.

What is a travel bidet?

Travel bidets—a.k.a. portable bidets—are designed as easy-to-carry bottles equipped with a special nozzle, so you can wash on the go.

How do they work? Just fill the travel bidet bottle with water. When you need a wash, squeeze the bottle and the nozzle delivers the refreshing, clean wash you get with your home bidet. After you’re done, empty it out, let it air dry, and pack it away. Nice and simple.

Benefits of travel bidets.

Traveling with a bidet is a game-changer. If you’re “bidet faithful” like us, it’s hard to go back to toilet paper when you’re out and about. But with a travel bidet, you can have a fresh, sustainable cleaning experience with you wherever you go.

So who can benefit from having a travel bidet? Well, just about anyone on the go—but we recommend one especially if you fall into one of the following groups.

The outdoor enthusiasts.

Travel bidets are tailor-made for outdoor adventure. If you enjoy the planet like we do, you know it’s a challenge to stay clean when you’re out in the elements.

A travel bidet solves many of these problems. Travel bidets get you cleaner than toilet paper, and they're more eco-friendly than disposable wipes, many of which are not biodegradable.That makes bidets the more sustainable alternative, which is great for Leave No Trace practices.

Use a travel bidet for backpacking, camping, hiking, or any other outdoor activity that you love.

The travel lovers.

For the globetrotters, road-trippers, and all other adventurers, having a portable bidet for travel can be a lifesaver. It’s not guaranteed that your hotel, homestay (i.e. Airbnb), or other preferred accommodation will have a bidet, which is why we advise you BYOB (bring your own bidet). It’s like bringing a piece of home away from home—like a favorite scarf, fragrance, or pair of walking shoes.

Travel bidets are great in public bathrooms too, saving you from having to rely on toilet paper that may or may not be there.

New moms and their little ones.

For new moms with recovering bodies, postpartum care is incredibly important for proper healing. That's why many experts recommend the use of a peri bottle, which you fill with warm water and squeeze to provide a gentle wash while using the restroom. Sound familiar? You guessed it—a travel bidet makes an excellent peri bottle, and can be used interchangeably.

Our GoSpa travel bidets.

OK, we’ve convinced you. So now you’re probably wondering what the best travel bidet is.

There are plenty of options on the market, but our GoSpa line is great for all budgets and needs.Here's a quick breakdown of each travel bidet in our lineup:

GoSpa Essential: Simple and cost-effective, it’s everything you need in a travel bidet.

GoSpa Advanced: With a nozzle that retracts between uses, it’s a great cleaning experience in a sleek package.

GoSpa Collapsible: Loaded with features, its retractable nozzle and collapsible design makes it super packable.

Stay clean wherever you are.

Travel bidets are a great tool to have when you’re missing your home bidet. Whether you use this type of bidet for camping and the outdoors, for keeping clean during your travels, or for convenient postpartum care, you can always travel with a portable wash on hand and keep refreshed and clean.