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1% for the Planet

Posted by Steve Scheer on Feb 3rd 2022

Helping communities in need has always been a part of our efforts at Brondell. To enhance our impact—and to ensure that giving back is an essential part of our day-to-day operations—we’ve joined 1% for the Planet. We donate 1% of every purchase on select bidet attachments in our Flush category, including our SimpleSpa Eco.

Putting people and the planet first is one of our core company values. By making donating an integral piece of our business, we’re keeping ourselves accountable and moving forward towards that goal in a way that we can track. So, as our company grows, we can be sure that our contributions to the environment will grow, too.

Why we joined 1% for the Planet

We believe that clean air, pure water, and healthy sanitation should be available to everyone. It’s what fuels us to create products that improve personal hygiene, purify the air we breathe, and filter the water we drink and bathe with.

But real change means solving the problems that lie at the source—the health of the planet and our natural resources. To help fix those issues, we must align the growth of our business with the needs of the planet and its most vulnerable communities.

That’s where 1% for the Planet comes in. As official members of the organization, we are donating 1% of sales of our best-selling bidet attachments to environmental nonprofits working to provide clean water and reliable sanitation to disadvantaged populations around the world.  This assortment includes:

SimpleSpa Eco Essential Bidet Attachment

SimpleSpa Eco Advanced Bidet Attachment

FreshSpa Comfort+ Essential Bidet Attachment

EasySpa Essential Bidet Attachment

PureSpa Easy Bidet Attachment

A portion of these bidet attachments help fund the operations of those making a difference in the community and the environment.

What is 1% for the Planet?

1% for the Planet is a coalition of businesses that have committed to help solve the world’s environmental problems, through action—not lip service. Today, Brondell joins a list of over 5,400 businesses that have pledged to give back to environmental nonprofits.

Since 1% for the Planet started in 2002, they have raised over $350 million for nonprofits that are dedicated to solving environmental issues, like deforestation, wildlife conservation, and plastic pollution.

This organization helps facilitate these donations in several ways. As consultants, 1% for the Planet vets nonprofits and pairs them with like-minded companies. This makes it easy for brands to donate to legitimate nonprofits that share their values. 1% for the Planet also certifies and reviews every donation made by the businesses in their network.

We are currently working with 1% for the Planet to determine which environmental nonprofits would best help us provide those in need with clean water and reliable sanitation. Keep an eye out for future updates and details on the specific groups and causes we will be partnering with.

Why these products? 

We believe that everybody can benefit from a bidet. Our attachments offer an affordable, easy-to-install solution for better hygiene—and a better planet. When selecting our 1% for the Planet collection, we made sure to choose popular attachments available both in-store and online. Our best-selling FreshSpa Comfort+ Essential Bidet Attachment can be found nationwide at Home Depot and online, while the EasySpa Essential Bidet Attachment is available nationwide at Lowe’s. The customer-favorite PureSpa Easy Bidet Attachment is available at many of our Canadian retail partners. And our SimpleSpa Eco Bidet Attachments—which are proudly made using recycled plastics—are available on

How can I get involved?

You can support companies—like Brondell—who have joined 1% for the Planet. Show your support by purchasing participating products or shouting them out on social media to raise awareness. Your tweet or Instagram comment helps educate customers and businesses who may not be aware of 1% for the Planet.

Another way to get involved is to encourage businesses that you like to become members. Tell them about the organization and about all of the other businesses that are already participating. Businesses care about what you think, and your opinion could be the thing that persuades them to join 1% for the Planet.

If you want to get involved directly, 1% for the Planet also has individual memberships. To become an individual member, you can either donate 1% of your annual income to environmental causes or offset your donation through volunteering.

The evidence is abundantly clear—when it comes to climate change, the time to act is now. To help protect the planet and future generations, we believe that everyone has to do their part, and that means businesses, too. At Brondell, our goal has always been to design eco-friendly products that make life safer, healthier, and more enjoyable, so you can focus on what matters most. And that includes our planet.